Friday, May 13th

I’m not one to believe in superstition, let alone superstition tied to numbers or days. Friday The 17th, Tuesday The 13th, Friday The 13th, honestly Who comes up with this shit?

Okay, maybe because Friday the 13th was the date of Tupac Shakur’s death in 1996

RIP . Thug Life


Wasn’t that also the day some dude named Jason in a hockey mask went around Slashing some teenagers doing the naughty?

I guess I can understand why you would be superstitious, but most of the things we see or expect to see only happens in the movies, after all, some people own black cats, and I’m pretty sure when we take our daily strolls, we step on a crack or 2 but ever end up with a broken back?

I think not !

I for one, celebrate Friday The 13th, (let’s not forget I was born on May 13th before you think I’m some witch )

Friday The 13th meant BirthWEEKENDS  Not BirthDAYS! Like, the party doesn’t stop until Sunday honestly.

Its honestly my lucky number, but let’s just say Shit Happens! Keep Calm, Press Play and Continue to read

(Earphones or Good Speakers Please)

Act 1

It was the start of summer school, and the boy just got out of class and ran off to his Cousin’s Nate’s house on campus. He had been anticipating the countdown to his big 19.

5 hrs to go
7:00 pm

It was The BIG 19 and the boy could finally

  1. drink
  2. buy alcohol from a bar
  3. go to a strip club
  4. And Vote of course

Umm even though he didn’t really drink or care about strippers. He was not much of a drinker. All he ever did was smoke weed, go to school and express himself through music or art, He was a stoner.

Even though he wasn’t going to be using his new privilege to go to the LCBO he was still just as excited because no longer could he be denied Backwoods or Blunts because he was underage.

3hrs 50ms to go

The night was filled with mystery and wonder, all he really wanted to do for his birthday was get high and chill with 2 of his closest friends Nate and Selena ; Sweet sweet Selena.

He just wanted to have good conversations, smoke, good laughs, and possibly the chance to take things to the next level with Selena.

  • His Bank Account: Good

  • Friends : Good

  • Vibes : Good

  • Weed : Scarce 😦

  • Birthday : Loading

The boy was feeling good, so good he was ready to take his 2 friends out to see the new Captain America: Civil War movie, On him!

He loved superheroes movies and so did Selena, Nate was down for whatever as long as he wasn’t paying.

It was the big 19! They had to live it up!

3hrs 13 mins to go
8:43 pm

The boy checked the Cineplex website for movie times, sadly they weren’t going to make the 8:45 but the 9:30 seemed like their best bet. He placed the order for 3 Ultra VX tickets, so he wouldn’t have to wait in line if they got there late.

The boy called an Uber, a notification came up

Your Uber will be arriving in 10 Mins


3hrs to go
9:00 pm

Your Uber is arriving now


Once they got in the Uber, Selena took the aux ; pretty big responsibility. The vibes were going off in the Uber, which was evident by the Uber driver’s unconscious head bobbing, they couldn’t help but laugh when Selena pointed it out, he had caught the vibes as well.

The boy was doing his weird dance moves at the back of the car, he felt good, felt free, he felt alive. Little things, like music and good friends, would keep the boy going.

Act 2

2hrs 32 mins to go
9:28 pm

The Uber arrived at Cineplex just in time fOR THE MOVIE, and the boy and Nate rushed over to the counter to pick up their tickets for the movie, while Selena stayed back to check if they forgot any items in the Uber.

Ofcourse she found a TD Access card, which belonged to the boy, close call. Selena joined the boy and Nate at the counter, where the boy was searching his pockets for his cards.

She watched him struggle as he rifled through his pockets like a security patrol. She couldn’t help but smile as he failed to realize he left it in the Uber.

Selena offered to pay, saving him from embarrassment by bringing out his TD Access Card and tapping it on the machine, but she forgot the boy paid for the tickets already, the boy looked at his access card and couldn’t help but smirk at Selena, she loooved playing tricks on him.

Once, they picked up the tickets, they quickly went to buy some refreshments for the movie in order to catch the beginning.

2hrs to go
10:00 pm

They made it into the theater right at the beginning of the movie.

1hr to go
11:00 pm

An hour into the movie, Nate passed out while the boy was struggling to stay awake. While Selena’s eyes were glued to the screen as the sexy muscular Heroes in tight body suits fighting one another.

May 13th

12:17 am

Towards the end movie, Selena was caught off guard when the boy’s phone vibrated. She then checked her phone, as she was no longer hypnotized by the movie, to see that it was past 12 am. At that point, she nudged the boy and whispered “Happy birthday!”

12:45 am

The movie ended at about 12:30 but they stayed to the end of the credits knowing that there’s always more. When they finally left Cineplex, they stepped outside to meet an enraged, crying mother nature who must’ve been left heartbroken by father time. It was raining.

They ran back into Cineplex and the boy whipped out his phone to call an uber. But before heading home, the boy called his dealer to grab more weed.

1:00 am

The Uber arrived outside the Cineplex and the dealer arrived shortly after. The boy grabbed the weed and rushed into the Uber to go back to Nate’s.

1:30 am

Once they got back, the boy asked Selena to keep the vibe going with the tunes, while he rolled his big birthday blunt. Once he was finished rolling, he invited Nate and Selena to smoke, which Selena rejected, but Nate accepted.

1:45 am

By the end of the blunt, the boy and Nate were off their shits and Selena’s tunes had the whole atmosphere feeling surreal. The boy began to talk to her, while Nate sat in silence lost in his thoughts.

Selena looked over to Nate to ask if he was okay,

Nate responded saying, “Yeah, BUT CAN WE GET SOME FOOD PLEASE?!”

Nate decided he was going to the vending machine on campus, but upon looking at the heavy rain, he realized that it would be hard, so he suggested use the bikes that were out back and in front.

2:00 am

The boy went out back to get Nate’s bike, while Nate went out through the front to help Selena unlock her bike. The boy grabbed the bike and begun to pedal in the heavy rain.

He took the longer way, slowly riding uphill on the wet black pavement, using the momentum to speed down the wet pavement to meet with Nate and Selena at the front of the house.

As the boy made his way down the wet pavement, something caught his eye 2 figures in the distance, he didn’t have his glasses so he was practically as blind as a bat.

He began to pedal slower, slowly going down the wet pavement, as he got closer the figures began to appear clearer.

The boy was in disbelief as Nate and Selena were lost in the moment as they worked out their lip muscles with a passionate kiss.

“Oh fuck”

The boy began to pedal slower as he passed the front of the house. it was like his heart was pulled out of his chest, squeezed and Tossed to the ground to be stomped on. The poor boy began to pedal faster while Nate and Selena remained lost in the moment. He passed the house, went around and began to pedal faster as he went uphill on the wet pavement. Someone yelled out for the boy, the boy ignored the call and rode further into the distance, it was probably his friends but the boy didn’t care. he was gone. His mind was all over the place, while the ocean flooded his eyes as he went down the black wet pavement.

The boy felt a mix of emotions but also a strange feeling of relief. He was glad he saw the kiss and not told, he was glad he was no longer blinded by Selena’s sweet image and last but not least he was glad he discovered Nates true nature. He was always one to find silver linings even in the darkest of times even in the midst of the heavy rain and the dark clouds, he was glad to have seen the kiss but he couldn’t deny the strain that was put on his heart.


The next day the boy reflected on his 19th Birthday, and decided

  1. He was going to tell the story in the form of a beat.
  2. He was moving on from Selena
  3. Friday the 13th is Bad luck


Please Share your Thoughts on the story, beat or even share a story about a bad Friday the 13th


One thought on “Friday, May 13th

  1. venom says:

    Very nice story, i understood the message clearly and vividly. The boys persona was displayed effectively. The grammar could use some work though.


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