Night Owl

The boy just got back home after a long day at school, every Wednesday he would come back home at this time. He usually looked forward to coming back home taking a bong hit, then producing or doing work but after his long day, he got back home to find nothing waiting for him at home. The boy was used to taking a bong hit before school and after school ,it was almost like a ritual but today there was nothing to smoke when he got back and that meant he was in for a long and interesting night.

Keep Calm, Press Play and Continue to read

The boy was always up late at night, that’s usually when he got the most creative but he was conditioned to sleep after he smoked, it relaxed him enough that he would pass out, but if he didn’t smoke he could stay up till the sun came up doing whatever.

The night time communicated peace to him, no more cars in the streets, the city at sleep while he remained wake, expressing himself in a variety of ways.

10:30 pm

The boy sat in his black chair accepting the fact that he didn’t have weed tonight, He contemplated what he was going to do and came to no conclusion. After 30 minutes he became one with the chair as he found himself being fixated at the poster on the wall, he was lost in thought, then he broke out of it to check his phone.

There was no alert but he brought out his phone and went on Selena’s Tumblr page for like the 50th time today. He was on her blog dai…hourly honestly. He was on it so much that it featured on google chrome under top visited.

He rarely ever went on his Tumblr anymore. He just didn’t have the time, at least that’s what he told himself.

But he had time to stalk Selena on Tumblr

He constantly was on her Tumblr. CONSTANTLY. He couldn’t even understand why he was on it before he would go on it to secretly confess his love, but that was rather creepy.

He wasn’t on it for that anymore, rather it was a way of understanding her mindset and appreciating her without having to talk to her.

Maybe through the pictures or videos, he could infer how she was feeling but for what reason? is she Cinderella? The boy had no reason to be on the blog, but the aesthetics were always so pleasing and he couldn’t help but admire that.

An hour passed and he moved out of the couch and onto his bed. He brought out his laptop, dropped his phone and continued on her blog.

11:30 pm

As he scrolled through the blog, he found himself admiring her more but the admiration couldn’t be expressed in any way. The boy was stuck because he felt like they were perfect for each other like a kick and a snare, they seemed perfect but maybe the tempo was off between the 2.

pun intended

As the boy continued to scroll through her blog, he came across a vine.

Dark clouds filled the sky and the rain poured over the city. It wasn’t your typical bright lights at  Madison square garden or the statue of liberty; it was rather gloomy New York. Gloomy, but yet the boy found the sound of the rainfall soothing and calming, he could relate to it, it was his mood personified. The scenery was rather dark in the video and in the boy’s room. The rainfall  looped over and over again, the boy began to find himself listening to the rain fall and being inspired by it

At that moment, He went on her blog, but kept the rain loop playing in the background, and opened his beloved fruity loops (what he uses to produce not cereal)

The boy was going to produce to the vine as it looped in the background.

Firstly, He began with Lounge Lizard Program for digital pianos). Lounge Lizard was the boy’s secret, he used the VST to make his chords sound lush, but Lush chords weren’t the mood, the boy was feeling gloomy but with a hint of a hope. After rainfall you expect to see the rainbow, that’s the silver lining to the storm.

The boy wanted to create something to reflect that idea. With the use of a classical piano, he would accompany the sound of the rain in order to create  the idea of movement through the storm.

The boy felt like the gloomy rain was his mood and producing seemed to be a way to be at peace with the storm.

He changed the VST from Lounge Lizard to Nexus. Lounge Lizard is more electronic pianos, while Nexus ranges from various instruments ranging from choirs to violins to trumpets, gated pads and much more it was honestly a holy grail for producers.

On Nexus the boy found a soft piano and once he struck the first note he knew the rain found its match. The notes played sounded like a soft piano but also accompanied with a soft guitar. The sound choice was rather perfect for the rain. He began by playing a simple melody that had been looping in his mind, Da-Da then da da da

It’s funny when you write it out or say it out but the point Simplicity is key.

The boy accompanied the simple melody with some chords, he began with E major on the 1st bar and as it looped he listened to his mind and began to add accordingly. The sound was rather quintessential. Once he had his melody, he noticed the beat was going too fast so he slowed down the tempo from 140 to 115 to keep the piano at tempo with the rain.

Once the boy had his piano melody, the beat was practically ready, all he needed was to find a sound to accompany the classical sounding piano, the only match would be a chord. The boy imagined himself playing to a crowd while the choir sang in the background, if he could imagine it, he could bring it to life.

He didn’t have to complicate it once he had those 2 sounds, all he needed was to add a heavy kick and a trap snare. The boy created a simple drum pattern to accompany the piano and the rain, it was rather simple, kick, kick, snare, snare, and repeat. He recognized the simplicity of the beat but yet it was still beautiful to his ears.

2 am

It was only getting later and the boy was only going deeper into his mind, He was creating a beat that represented his mood. The boy didn’t like the fact that he was on her blog daily and yet still nothing changed. He wasn’t mad at Selena or wasn’t mad at himself, he just realized how gloomy the situation was when he heard the rain.

The boy stopped the looping rain track  because that was no longer the mood he was feeling, suddenly he looked at the brighter side of the situation and  looked for a sound that reflected that. The boy found the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and singing on what sounded like a beautiful spring morning, the sound was bright and happy and perfect for what the  boy was trying to do

Although it was raining in the beginning, the boy wanted to show the progression in his mood through the night. He was no longer feeling gloomy, but he was happy to know someone like Selena was in his life, irrespective of the feelings he felt.

The boy copied and pasted the melody used for the rain over the birds chirping, and even though the notes were perfect the mood was not, so rather than Using Nexus he used Lounge Lizard. The same melody that he used with nexus went from sounding gloomy and sad to sounding bright and swanky, the notes flowed with the sound of the birds chirping. The boy was mesmerized at what he created.

3 am

The beat was finished, yet the boy couldn’t still sleep, he was lost in his mind as he listened to the song loop over and over again. He was no longer on Selena’s blog, he laid on his bed in the darkness and just listened to the beat until he eventually passed out.


What would you have done if you were up and couldn’t sleep ? What do you think of the beat and how it was produced? Please Share your thoughts below, Thankyou


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