How do you make music if you don’t know how to play any instruments?


It’s 2016 first of all and there’s probably an app for that, but all jokes aside it’s honestly not as hard as it seems. I honestly think anyone can do it, all you need is to want to make music, have some type of device computers or smartphone and also lots of practice. Think I’m talking out my ass ? I probably am but keep calm and carry on.

Well, it all started at around the tender age of 16 when a friend of the boy, Owens was playing a song from his laptop which the boy had never heard before.

The boy spent a majority of his time searching the internet for new music back then.he was a huge music enthusiast. Every day after school he would go on HipHopEarly and spend hours on hours trying to keep up with the newest tracks. He was rather perplexed how he had never come across what Owens was playing, and For someone who kept up with music on a daily, he had to know, especially because the song didn’t have no lyrics and it sounded so cool to the boy. the conversation went as followed

Boy : Hey… What you playing there ?
Owens: I did (Smiling stupidly)
Boy: Gasp ! How?
Owens: Fl Studio *Surfs his laptop and opens  FL studio!*

And the rest is history …

Step #1: What Type of Music Do You Want to Make ?

The boy was so eager to get home so he could start producing. He didn’t really know what he was going to be making , but he wanted to create like the artist he listened to , Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus etc but at the same time, he wanted to create his own style of music.

Once he got back home, he went on the internet and searched for FL Studio, after finding the official website , his dreams to make music were quickly shut down when he realized the software wasn’t  free.

Step #2 :  Choose your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Basically your Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is a device or software for recording, editing or producing music, basically, it’s your “ instrument” of choice, this can either be in the form of hardware or software.

Today there is an abundance of DAW’s available and honestly, they all practically do the same thing !!  

BUT YOU MUST DECIDE ON ONE ! (Well you don’t have to stick one but I would recommend it.)

Consider the beginning of all Pokemon games , ou has to choose between 3 Pokeballs, the decision of choosing a DAW is just as significant, possibly even more significant and harder than choosing between Charmander,Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Choosing your DAW might be rather overwhelming especially because you have more than just 3 pokèballs to choose from and realistically starter software aren’t honestly the best.

Do you really want to begin this journey with starters or legendaries?

LEGENDARIES of course but the problem is the best DAW’s cost money, and starters do not.

Well, the boy managed to get his hands on the legendary Fl Studio… PRODUCER EDITION FREE

( there are ways).torrentssss

Installation pictures

At first sight, he was rather confused than in love. He wasn’t expecting a gray screen with multiple buttons and folders.

The first thing he did was look for the instruments. He browsed the folders on the side, he clicked through the various folders until he clicked on a folder titled “Packs” which contained 7 other folders. The program came with an abundance of sounds , the Drum folder had Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Toms. The boy was in awe as he went through the sounds

in each folder, he was rather shocked at the variety ways a generic kick or snare could sound. He was marveled and was eager to start his producer journey.

Why Fl Studio ??? (you’re probably wondering)

  • Extremely User-Friendly and Simple to use
  • Flexible across all operating systems
  • Large User Base allows abundant amount of tutorials
  • The Producer Version of FL Studio is reasonably priced compared to the other top DAW’s

But truthfully beside these features, Fl Studio isn’t that different from other DAW’s which are all designed for essentially the same purpose, making music. But if you’re wondering about other DAW’s there’s also

Ableton Live                  Steinberg Cubase                 Garageband                  Logic Pro

While they are generally made for the same purpose, the workflows in each DAW vary and honestly the choice is subjective. Everyone has an opinion about which is the best one , but the truth is,there’s no best one. I recommend you choose one and stick to it, what’s the point of learning the ins and outs of a software then leaving to learn the workflow of a new software.


As much as the boy wanted to make songs , he couldn’t get past filling the rack with various sounds and making multiple patterns.

The boy wondered how do you actually make shit sound good cause all he was making was “trash”. Rather than spending hours and ending up with nothing , the boy decided to reach out to YouTube.

Do you remember earlier when I mentioned one of the benefits of FL was the vast library of tutorials?

First, the boy decided to search “Fl Studio Tutorials”. Stupid search.

The boy got exactly what he typed Tutorials on how to use FL studio, how to make drake songs or a metro booming style songs. Quite a number of videos came up but the boy didn’t really appreciate the results.He wasn’t trying to make beats you could put into a category , or thing that had been heard before.

Rather than searching tutorials for the genre, He searched  for “Musical Theory for Fl Studio” and bingo ! The videos were shorter and were actually going to be of value to the boy.

The boy clicked on the first video. He wanted open his mind to infinite possibilities and make all types of beats the by applying musical theory he was not accustomed to the ideas he had on music. He clicked on the first link which was by Busy Works Beats.

Step #4: Build your Library

After watching the first video by Busy Works Beats the boy realized 2 things

  1. FL Studio Vst are cool but you need more than that
  2. Fl Studio Drum packs are good but you need to build on that

FL came prepacked with a good starter pack  of VST’s and Drum Kits  but in order to grow as a producer you usually have to buy additional VST’s and Drum Packs with various sound libraries. SOUND SELECTION IS A SKILL honestly , and most big time producers have a vast library, of drum kits, samples and various VST’s for creating sounds and also engineering them.In order for you to produce like a pro, you need to build your sound selection library.

Drum Kits are rather easy to find, especially with the web, you will probably be able to find your favorite producers Drum Kit or an alternative to that sound if you simply search it on google. If you aren’t looking for specific drum kit’s by top producers, most youtube tutorials include a beat pack in order to get you started.

VSt’s on the other hands are rather hard to find, especially since the best ones are overly expensive. But there are ways around that , You can find  most vst using torrents, or you can also use third party vsts which are just as good.

Step #5: Produce

Now that you’ve watched tutorials about producing, and also downloaded a few extra packs and vst’s all you can do is honestly produce. Produce with no restrictions, open your DAW if you have an idea or not, regardless something is bound to come out.  


That’s how you make music without no musical knowledge

Pro Tips

  • Your bass is not going to sound like Metro Boomin on your $20 earphones
  • Not every song has to be a “banger”
  • Don’t worry if your beats sound low quality you haven’t learned mixing or mastering, you’re not Guru

If you have any tips or stories related to producing music with no musical knowledge, Share below in the comment section

Oh Yeah, Feel free to Decorate Silence

Enjoy !


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