Oh no ! Producers Block !

You open up your DAW

Start selecting your drum sample

Load up a few VSTS 

You continue for an hour

Working at various drum patterns, chord structures and melodies

But yet you come up with nothing.

You work for another hour but you still have nothing

You start to become frustrated but…

You continue to try to produce.

I’m sorry to inform you but I’m prescribing you stay away from your computer for a month because you are currently experiencing producers block !

Yes producer’s block!

But At this Point You NEED Close your DAW, Shutdown your computer and Step away from your computer


Keep calm and Play this, It’s going to be alright.


1) Take A Break

You have to take a break ! it’s essential, the worst thing you can do is to continue to work on songs, it doesn’t really make sense, it’s like applying pressure to a broken ankle, it only hurts !

I suggest anywhere between a few days and a month depending on how you’re feeling.

You have to take the time to do something other than think about music, enjoy life rather than sitting down on your computer, you just need to clear your head.

Consider this for Creative output there must be creative input when you have producer’s block, it’s because you’ve exhausted your creative input.


2) Find New Inspirations

After a few days of enjoying life and lazing around, you might feel the urge to open your DAW but remember In order for there to be creative output there must be creative input.

You have to feed your mind with new information, it helps you get out of any cycle or routine you may be stuck in. I suggest listening to new music, you can find the countless amount of beat tapes or vintage records on youtube or watch some good old fashion TV.

By consuming new media you begin to feed your mind new idea, who knows , you could be inspired by an old cartoon you used to watch or vintage record you’ve never come across.

At points like this, I usually listen to

Or you can also check out some of the boy’s work on Spaces and Silence


3) Go for a walk

If you’re like the boy and your favorite place to produce is your room, you might find yourself always in there. It’s necessary to get fresh air.

Go for a walk, explore your surroundings, there’s so much to appreciate. The moon or the sun, the clouds, the stars… Nature has so much to offer, it’s a great wear to clear your mind and forget about worries.


4) Meditate

If you do this already, Great ! If you don’t you need to start because it’s just as important as brushing your teeth ! Meditation has been proven to not just improve your producing but your life generally in a couple ways

It’s pretty hard to get into meditating but don’t worry there’s an app for that !

If you have a smartphone, you can download an app called Headspace which is Meditation made simple and is suitable for all levels.

5) Download New Drum Presets/VSTS

At a certain point, you might exhaust the resources you have at hand and sometimes all you can do is just get new ones. You need to restock your armory with new and more unique VSTs and Drum Packs.

Here are a few suggestions

VSTS Lounge Lizard VSTI Icarus VST Absynth
Drum Kits Neptune Drum Kits 9th Wonder’s Drum Kit J Dilla’s Drum Kit (RIP)

6) Work on something else

As a producer there’s more you can do than just learning how to make music, Their are various aspects to producing. You could work on

You don’t even have to stick to producing, learn how to write or maybe take photography, or design, you are a creative you just need a different form of expression sometimes.

7) Work Early in the morning

Not sure if most people know, but the earlier you start your day the more productive and happier you are throughout the day, it’s scientifically proven !

Most producers produce at night, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, the best beats produced by the boy are usually done in the morning.

He usually starts the day as early as 5am, produces a beat for 2 hours and still has enough time for doing other things.

Trust me if you have producer’s block, it’s best you switch your schedule, you’ll be a lot happier and productive.


Hopefully, at this point, you know what you have to do, don’t worry you’ll be back to producing in no time.Producers block is tough to deal with but remembers for there to be creative output there must be creative input, and that starts by feeding your mind with new ideas to break patterns you may have fallen into.

How do you get rid of your producers block ? Share your methods in the comments below 


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